Social media marketing strategies have their creative ways of keeping users engaged and loyal to brands. One of them is the Facebook top fan badge. If you’re looking for ways to become a top fan on Facebook, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will explain the Facebook badges feature, its benefits, and how to use the top fan badge.

If you are a business owner looking for ways to increase engagement on your page or group, we will also share how you can maximize the Facebook badges feature.

What Is a Facebook Top Fan Badge?

Facebook top fan badges use gamification elements to award users with the most interactions. The badge is given automatically to active users who consistently respond and engage with your Facebook content.

Aside from the top fan, Facebook also has the valued commenter badge serving a similar purpose. While a valued commenter is someone who often comments on your Facebook posts, a top fan comments, likes, and shares the post with others. Though not always the case, a user first becomes a valued commenter, then a top fan.

How Do You Use the Top Fan Badge Feature on Facebook?

If you’re looking to start awarding top fan badges on your pages, here is how to activate the feature:

  1. Open Facebook, and from the News Feed page, click the Pages menu on the sidebar to go to your page.
  2. On your Facebook page, click on the Settings at the top right.
  3. Within the Community Tab page, you’ll find the Facebook Badges option. Here, you’ll manage all your Facebook badges and be able to create a new one. Some badge options are for a new member, group anniversary, conversation booster, and founding member.
  4. Turn the top fan badge on.

Now that the top fan badge is on, the Facebook algorithm will sort the users to award the badges.

You can turn the top fan badge on and off whenever you want. To disable the feature, simply click the Remove Badge option.

Advantages of the Facebook Top Fan Badge

The following section lists the advantages of top fan badges for both top fans and page owners.

For a Top Fan

  • Increased visibility. Whenever you leave a comment or interact with the business’ page, the top fan badge will appear next to your profile. Depending on the page, you may also get special discounts or receive personalized communication.
  • Understand the brand better. The more you interact with a brand, the more you learn about it. This means other followers and the brand itself will take your comments seriously.
  • Feeling of accomplishment. Having a badge means you were one of or the top commenter and active fans of that page or group. However, top fans are updated weekly, so it’s necessary to constantly interact with the account to maintain the status.
  • Build your network. Build your personal network within the Facebook page by simply being a conversation starter. Interact with like-minded individuals or the page admin and grow your network.

For a Business Owner

  • Easier to communicate with your audience. Using gaming elements such as rewards – discounts, free products, tasks – commenting and sharing posts, you keep users interested in your content and increase genuine engagement.
  • Better targeted ads. When a user is your top fan, their comments, mentions, and posts help you understand the behavior of your page or groups to create better ads.
  • Increased brand awareness. An engaged audience provides more than just brand loyalty. They can become brand ambassadors or the perfect influencer to help market your brand or product in the long run.
  • Bigger fan base. Increase the interest and engagement on your page by activating other badges instead of just the top fan. Get your top fans to help initiate the interaction and invite others to participate.

Tips and Tricks to Become a Top Fan on Facebook

Here are the tips and tricks on how to become a top fan on Facebook. If you are a page owner, we will also share how to make the best use of the fan badges feature.

For a Top Fan

To become a top fan and gain badges, you need to engage consistently and frequently with the page – sharing, commenting, and reacting to posts. The more interactions, the higher are your chance of earning the top fan badge.

Even though it’s necessary to be an active member to become, avoid spamming or aimlessly writing on the page. Your comments must be engaging and relevant to trigger others to start a discussion.

Another way to do it is by checking the top fans list and reaching out to them to learn how to become one.

For a Business Owner

First, make sure that your page is older than 28 days and has more than 10.000 followers. Next, create content that will engage users.

First, understand the market trends and the followers’ behavior on your Facebook page. Choose content with time or social issue relevance. Translate them into videos, images, or event-based content.

The goal is to create a compelling page activity that motivates users to comment and interact. In addition to the badges, consider recognizing the fans by personalizing your Facebook posts.

Mention the follower’s name, give them special rewards or discounts, or even create an exclusive group for people with top fan badges.


This article has explained all there is to know about the Facebook top fan badge – both for  page owners and fans.

In short, the top fan badge helps pages and groups obtain meaningful and consistent interaction, strengthening their relationship with followers and boosting their online presence.

For page fans, a badge helps to increase their comments’ visibility and may even be rewarded with exclusive information about the brand and discounts.

We hope you learned how to leverage this marketing strategy to scale up your social media presence. Good luck!